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November 29, 2023 / Beer

The Return of Jasmine IPA

The Return of Jasmine IPA
A Refreshing Comeback at Steamworks Brewing

A Refreshing Comeback at Steamworks Brewing. We’re bringing back the beloved Jasmine IPA!

If you’re a longtime fan, you might remember a brew that captured hearts and palates alike – the Jasmine IPA. Well, hold onto your pint glasses because the fan favourite is back! Steamworks Brewing is thrilled to announce the return of a beloved classic. If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying it before, get ready for a treat.

Picture a glass of liquid gold with a lively white head – that’s the Jasmine IPA for you. It’s a beer that looks as good as it tastes. As you take in its inviting aroma, you’ll notice a mix of floral and citrus notes, thanks to the hops and jasmine flowers. There are also subtle hints of spice and fruitiness, all leading to a clean and crisp finish. What sets the Jasmine IPA apart is its wonderful balance. The caramel malt provides a touch of sweetness, beautifully complemented by the bold dry hop character. It’s a symphony of flavours that keeps you coming back for more.

Beyond its taste, the Jasmine IPA offers a sensory experience. The infusion of jasmine flowers adds a unique twist, making it not just delicious but aromatic too. Each sip can transport you to a tranquil garden.

So, don’t wait! Reconnect with an old favourite – the Jasmine IPA. Visit our brewery or find it at your local store in these convenient tall cans. Share it with friends, make new memories, and toast to the simple joys in life.

Join us in celebrating the comeback of Jasmine IPA. Here’s to good times, great company, and the art of crafting beer that brings us all together.