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“drink different”

It’s the challenge that has driven Steamworks from day one.

For over 25 years, Steamworks has been pushing the envelope of innovation with beer styles and brewing methods to meet that challenge. The result? Beer and brands that are trusted and loved for their taste, quality, and occasional whimsy, and have made us an iconic part of the craft beer community in BC and around the world.

From traditional styles like our Pilsner and Pale Ale to craft beer pillars and favourites like our Flagship IPA and Hazy Pale Ale, we’ve got something for every beer drinker on the spectrum. Crisp, clear, and achingly refreshing? Absolutely. Hoppy and hazy with a stellar hop lineup? We’ve got those too! Whatever your fancy – we’ve got a beer for that.

Crafted with Love

Hops, malt, water, and time… It’s not just the ingredients, it’s what you do with them!

Here at Steamworks, we treat our premium ingredients like gold. Sure, we sometimes let our imaginations out to play (what other brewery could turn a killer whale into a Killer Cucumber Ale), but the heart of our craft lies in doing the craft beer standards to perfection.

Our Steamworks Pilsner brewed with the perfect balance of malt, hops, and clarity; Our Flagship IPA that started the West Coast “haze-craze” and still sets the standard for the style; The Lions Gate Lager that’s been the “gateway to flavour” in Vancouver since we first opened our doors in 1995. What can we say – when we design a beer, we brew it to last!

Take a deep dive and explore all the core and seasonal beers we have on offer right now – on the page and on your palate!

The Setting That Sparked Imagination

Rooted in the original steam pipes and copper kettles of our flagship Gastown location, we are inspired by history and tradition on the one hand and a constant re-imagining of our future on the other.

From our steampunk imagery and steam brewing method, all the way to our über cool Burnaby brewery and taproom, we can trace our origins to the happy accident of finding the original piping from a steam distribution system in our historic Vancouver building.

Stop by our iconic Gastown Brew Pub to see where the Steamworks story began and to experience the magic of steam brewed craft beer for yourself.

Old Neighbours, New Friends

Acting on our drive for innovation and community building, Steamworks now counts Mount Pleasant as a home away from home.

Taste the evolving Steamworks story through our classic styles and brews unique to Mount Pleasant, and sample what the thriving neighbourhood beer scene has to offer – all without leaving your table!

With a full kitchen, bar, and a weekend brunch that’ll knock your socks off, we’re sure you’ll love our new space just as much as we do. We can’t wait to see you there!



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