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October 13, 2021 / Beer Events

Show Your Sisu

Show Your Sisu
What is Sisu

The almost undefinable quality that defines the Finish character and identity.

Giveaway Details:

Find details about our #ShowYourSisu contest at the bottom of this article.

Show Your Sisu

Sure, we’d love to! But wait…what is sisu?

Sisu (see-sue). It’s a Finnish word that defines their national character and defies translation. It’s the embodiment of getting a second wind to push you over the finish line; That feeling of tapping into the last bit of energy deep within your gut and spirit to complete a seemingly insurmountable task; The will to push yourself beyond the limits of your own perceived capabilities.

So, is it courage? Perseverance? Determination?

Yes and no.

It’s not the courage to get started, but to continue. It’s not the perseverance to reach a long-term goal, but to get through the challenge you’re facing right now. It’s not the determination to achieve something, but the will to overcome an obstacle no matter what it takes.

It’s all these things and more.

Sisu carries an almost mythical status in Finland and describes the country’s national identity, culture, and history. Throughout the 20th century, it was made famous by its connection to their constant fight to maintain independence. More recently, it’s been linked to amazing feats of human strength and will, like climbing mountains in the Arctic without oxygen tanks.

Wow, that’s great! So why are we talking about it?

We have been overwhelmed by the display of sisu we’ve seen over these last 18 months by everyone in our community. From our own production lines and taproom staff to the Burnaby and British Columbia community at large, we’ve seen you adapt to and meet every new challenge that’s been thrown at you, and we just have to say – that’s some serious sisu!

As we’ve been soldiering through this collective experience, we knew we wanted to celebrate as we got closer to the (hopeful) end, so we got to brewing something special. We brainstormed the recipe and thought about getting the colour and flavour just right. We carefully brewed the beer and watched over it as it fermented. Finally, we bottled it, conditioned it, and set it aside for just the right moment. But through this whole process…we didn’t have a name! How could we capture this feeling of dogged, unrelenting determination that we were trying to celebrate? Of collectively making the decision that we will beat this challenge, no matter how long or what it takes? Well, of course, there’s really only one word that captures all that and more… Sisu!

To celebrate our community’s commitment to overcoming this most challenging ordeal, we’ve bottled up this most special beer into a giant 1.5L magnum and named it for exactly what’s got us through it all: Sisu.  Made to be shared, we want you to gather with your closest friends and family to pop the top of this bubbling pink libation and cheer for countless hurdles and obstacles we’ve taken (and beaten) in stride.

And the celebration doesn’t stop with the beer – we want to see more of your sisu! Join us in showcasing how we use sisu not only to get through some of the hardest challenges we’ll ever face but how we use it every day. Whether it’s to push you through the last 5 minutes of a tough workout or finding the courage to ask for help – we want to share those moments with you! 

Giveaway! How to Show Your Sisu:

Starting October 15th, follow our Instagram at @SteamworksBeer to see examples of #TeamSteam showing their sisu on our feed and stories.

Share your own posts with your best examples of sisu by tagging us at @SteamworksBeer and using the hashtag #ShowYourSisu.

On October 29th, we’ll choose 2 lucky winners to receive an awesome Steamworks prize pack that includes a $50 Steamworks gift card, a pint glass, some wearable swag, and (of course) a bottle of Sisu!

Giveaway Details:

Contest Period: October 15, 2021 – October 29, 2021 at 11:59 PST

Entry Details:

  • Post a photo of you overcoming a challenge (at the top of a hike, fighting through a big game, or even waking up for work in the morning!)
  • Use the hashtag #ShowYourSisu
  • Tag or mention @SteamworksBeer so it’s easy for us to find you!
  • Must be following @SteamworksBeer

Winners will be randomly selected and contacted by direct message on Instagram. Must live in BC and be 19+ to enter. Must be able to claim the prize in person from our Taproom in Burnaby.

Good luck to all our entrants – we can’t wait to see your sisu!