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Steamworks Brewing Co.

Classic Mash-Up It's ClassicFor a reason.

Classic for a reason.

Discover the timeless joy of the Classic Mash-Up from Steamworks Brewing! This 8-pack is a crowd-pleaser with a satisfying mix of Flagship IPA, Pale Ale, Pilsner, and Heroica Red Ale. Perfectly reliable and endlessly enjoyable, this mix promises an adventure of flavour in every sip.

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The original Mash-Up with 4 of our tried and true steam brews.

Flagship IPA: boasting big tropical hops and a sweet malt profile, a cult favourite and a true flagship.
Pale Ale: ‘C’ hops blend zesty grapefruit, floral lemon, and lively pine, all balanced for craft beer lovers.
Pilsner: masterfully crafted pilsner, versatile beer, perfect for any occasion.
Heroica Red Ale: The perfect balance of enticing hop character, drinkability, and malt. A staff fav.


Where to Buy