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Tropical Tart Passionfruit Sour

When making a fruit beer there are two schools of thought: one says to lightly incorporate it and allow the base beer to shine through; the other says use so much fruit that the person drinking it might not realize it’s a beer. Tropical Tart is the latter. A simple wheat beer hopped with tropical heavyweights Citra and Galaxy is co-fermented with gobs of the super fruits pomegranate and passionfruit. The result is, technically, a delicious fruit beer, but let’s be honest – it’s basically juice. Easy drinking, summery as heck, and very food friendly, Tropical Tart is a fan favourite that we look forward to brewing every year.

  • Malts: Pilsner, Wheat
  • Hops: Citra, Galaxy
  • Colour: Hazy Orange
  • IBUS: 15
  • ALC/Vol: 4.9%
  • Other: Passionfruit, Pomegranate


Summer Mash-Up

2019 1st Place – BC Beer Awards