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Lions Gate Lager

Craft brewing tends to overcomplicate things – often with delicious results. But in a world of triple dry hopping and lactose laden kettle sours, sometimes it’s nice to have something simple and straight forward. Our Lions Gate Lager is exactly that: uncomplicated. Made from premium PNW malt and European hops, it is fermented cold, and aged even colder. This one is sure to satisfy macro lovers and craft fans alike.

  • Malts: Premium 2-Row
  • Hops: Tradition, Saaz
  • Colour: Brilliant Yellow
  • IBUS: 18
  • ALC/Vol: 5.0%

473 ml, 8 x 355 ml, 12 x 355 ml, 12 x 355 ml Mash-Up Cans


2022 Gold Medal Winner (North American-Style Premium Lager) – Canadian Brewing Awards