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Cold IPA

Cold IPA is a blast from the past. Back to the days when big,
bold, and hoppy reigned supreme. Brewed with the
precision and technique of a lager, it’s everything you love
about West Coast IPAs - dialed up to 11. Hopped aggressively
with decidedly dank varietals and fermented cool with a
clean yeast strain normally used for lagers, this is a nostalgic
IPA - crisper, cleaner, and hoppier than ever.

  • Malts: Domestic Pilsner, 2-Row, Flaked Maize
  • Hops: Pahto Extract, Idaho 7, YCH CryoPop, Columbus
  • Colour: Crystal Clear Yellow
  • IBUS: 80
  • ALC/Vol: 7.1%

473 ml, Hoplandia 12 x 355ml IPA Mix Pack