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NEW! Steamworks Mash-Up 12!

Meet the newest member of our Mash-Up family, the Steamworks Mash-Up 12! Whether you’re the constant adventure seeker, the party host with the best beer selection, or the craft lover who can never choose just one beer to take into the weekend, this pack is for you! From the crisp and crushable to juicy hop-bombs, we’ve curated a most excellent mix to fit any taste or occasion.

Read on to learn more about what you’ll find in our Mash-Up 12!


Lions Gate Lager

With a perfectly crisp and easy-drinking nature, say hello to your fall and winter sports season go-to brew. Made with premium Pacific Northwest malts and hopped just enough for balance, this long-standing classic is refreshing, drinkable, and uncomplicated – exactly what you crave in a lager! Oh-so-crushable, it’s the perfect companion to any game day or party.

IBUS: 18


Kolsch Lagered Ale

For those who haven’t tried this style yet, now’s your chance! Brewed in a hybrid style, this beer is fermented like an ale and conditioned like a lager. The long, cold, rest time typical of a lager allows the strong flavours of this ale to mellow into a beautifully satisfying brew that just might become your new favourite. Bready with just a touch of bitterness for balance, it’s a quaffable beer that maybe goes down a bit too easily!

ALC/VOL: 4.8%
IBUS: 20


Hazy Pale Ale

Big, bright, and juicy, this hazy beer has a unique New Zealand hop profile that comes at you with hints of lychee, Sauvignon Blanc, and stone fruits. Its beautiful hazy golden colour and pillowy soft head will have you diving headfirst into this refreshingly fruity and delightfully hoppy addition to the Mash-Up 12. It’s the perfect transition from crisp and light to something just a bit punchier (and still way too drinkable)!

IBUS: 35


Hula Haze Tropical IPA

When the air is cold and the rain is…wet…we all need a little escape to the tropics! Hula Haze Tropical IPA uses just a bit of real fruit to highlight its massive tropical hop bill that leads with notes of pineapple, stone fruit, honeydew melon, and bright, citrusy pine. With subtle malts that are reminiscent of a delicately sweet and flaky pie crust, this tropical surprise will have you back to humming island tunes in no time!

IBUS: 50


Mash-Up 12!

Find your next game-day sidekick or surefire party pleaser in our new Steamworks Mash-Up 12 – available NOW at your local liquor store!